Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 will run on consoles in 4K resolution and 30 frames per second

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More than a month has passed since the announcement of the historical role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2. During the detailed presentation, we learned something about the setting, characters, plot, gameplay and other aspects. In any case, perhaps the main point was that the second part is much larger than the rather extensive first part. And producer Martin Klíma talked a little about the sizes at a lecture on Friday as part of the ongoing Game Access event in Brno.

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He mentioned, for example, the volume of text, which has grown from 800,000 words in the first issue to 1.7 million. The total voice recording is 240 hours instead of 108 hours in the first part. Here, of course, it must be said that most of it will not be heard by the player in one pass. For example, there are repeating NPC announcements made by more than one person.

And Klima did not forget to mention the number of bugs. KCD1 was supposed to have less than 49,000, but during the development of the second game they had already counted almost 280,000, with the game’s manufacturer claiming that it would probably be “lucky” to break the three hundred thousand mark. On the other hand, approximately 204,000 of them should have been fixed, and the developers probably still have at least a few months to complete it.

Perhaps the most interesting statements were those related to the technical side. Klima, like many other developers, mentioned the limitation of the Xbox Series S and its 10 GB of memory. So Warhorse’s goal was to make the game 25% larger since the XSS has 25% more memory than the PS4/XONE.

We probably all know that the first part did not work very well on the latest generation of consoles, but the second part should not suffer the same fate. During the Q&A, I asked Martin Klima about the frame rate and resolution that KCD2 is aiming for. To my surprise, I actually received a response.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players can expect a solution 4K (if they were family, we’d have to wait, but I would suggest some high-end ones) 30fps. Xbox Series S will also offer 30 frames per second, but with a resolution 1440 RUR.

The positive news is that, according to Klima, the game now runs consistently above 30 FPS, and the optimizations seem to be working very well. There will only be one mode available anyway, so unless the developers decide to unlock the framerate, we’ll still have to live with the 30fps cap on consoles. However, given the ambition and size of the project, this was to be expected and 60 FPS was probably never considered.

In conclusion, I’ll just add that one of the listeners specifically asked when we could expect a new trailer, and according to Klima, we’ll see it “soon.” It is possible that the game will appear at Summer Game Fest or another event in the June season.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 will be released later this year with a Czech dub and is targeting PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. You can pre-order on

Source :Indian TV

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