13 minutes of Silent Hill 2 remake gameplay

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After the State of Play trailer, from which we learned that Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released on October 8 this year, a presentation of Silent Hill Transmission also took place. The vast majority of it was dedicated to the Bloober remake, and we got a really meaty 13-minute demo.

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It presents famous locations in a new shell. Combat and other important parts of the gameplay are shown in full here, as well as James’ interactions with other characters, especially through impressive cutscenes.

After the demo itself, there were comments from the developers from Bloober, who, according to them, were glad to have the opportunity to work on a remake, and identified the main task as a balance between preserving the original and modernizing it for today’s players.

At the same time, we had the cast names of two key characters announced. James Sunderland was played by Luke Roberts in the remake, and Maria was played by Salome Gunnarsdottir.

You can pre-order Silent Hill 2 Remake on PC and PS5.

Source :Indian TV

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