The GENESIS Toron 301 is an affordable gaming headset with amazing sound.

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The GENESIS Toron 301 is an affordable gaming headset designed for anyone who wants to enjoy real gaming. The light weight (230 grams) and 53mm drivers make gaming more enjoyable even over long periods of time. The Genesis Toron 301 gaming headphones do not deny their inspiration from the higher and more successful previous Toron 531 model.

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The GENESIS Toron 301 gaming headset is a good choice for both gamers looking for single-player gaming fun and competitive eSports enthusiasts. You can change the volume on a panel on the body, and thanks to the 53 mm drivers, you can identify in detail individual musical instruments in the music being played back. The headset provides the same information when playing games and will allow you to identify the enemy during digital shootouts. Sounds that reveal the location of enemies can be easily detected, and victory in the game will be close.

The headset’s durable frame, upholstered inside with soft-touch material, as well as comfortable ear pads contribute to comfort while playing. The standard ear pads of the GENESIS Toron 301 headphones can be replaced with hybrid ear pads (EP01) and fabric ear pads (EP02), which can be purchased separately.

The GENESIS Toron 301 is an affordable gaming headset with amazing sound.  Genesis Toron 301 53mm speakers.

The headphones also include a dynamic microphone, the position of which can be adjusted thanks to its flexible design. The microphone can be completely disconnected from the headphones.

GENESIS Toron 301 - Affordable Gaming Headset with Amazing Sound Genesis Toron 301, Zoomed Microphone

GENESIS Toron 301 headphones have a wide range of applications. It can be connected to your phone, console, or other device. Requires a 3.5mm jack.

Price and availability

The Genesis Toron 301 stereo headphones are available in white or black from selected retailers and resellers at a recommended price of CZK 831.

Source :Indian TV

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