Great strategy Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic will be released in full version soon

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In March 2019, the Slovak studio 3Division released the construction strategy Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic on computers in the early access program. Bet on the game thoughtful game mechanics led by industrial chain system and global economy modeling. At the same time, there was also management of population, transport and other important aspects of state life.

Much attention, of course. also caused the landing itself, in which you have to turn a poor Soviet republic into a rich industrial power. More than 14,000 user reviews on Steam speak well of the quality of the game, 92% of which are positive.

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A few days ago, the developers revealed the exact release date of the full version, which was scheduled for June 20, when Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic moves to version 1.0 after more than five years of early access on Steam. You can watch the new trailer in the preview above.

Source : Zing

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