MultiVersus is back with over 100,000 players playing the game on Steam.

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Warner Bros. Yesterday, Games re-released the free fighting game MultiVersus, which had been unavailable for almost a year. The game from Player First Games confirmed its previous potential and attracted hundreds of thousands of players on the first day. Only in the Steam title More than 114 thousand users played simultaneously. These statistics put MultiVerus very close to the previous record of July 2022, when the game was played by more than 150,000 players simultaneously. But then the game was officially available only in beta version.

However, after the initial enthusiasm there was a significant decrease in the number of players, followed by the end of beta testing and a temporary server shutdown. In any case, MultiVersus is now back and, at least for now, enjoying a successful reincarnation. The game is available for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) and consoles PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. You can find more information in our review, which evaluates the old 2022 version of the game.

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Source :Indian TV

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