The first information about the new part of the DOOM series has leaked

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Two weeks ago, we informed you about hints pointing to the possible announcement of a new part of the DOOM series. In particular, this was the registration of the IDKFA trademark, which is the designation of one of the famous cheats of this cult gaming brand. Well-known insider Tom Henderson is now sharing his unofficial details. In his article for Insider Gaming magazine, he mentioned that new Doom will be presented on June 9 at the Xbox Games Showcase event, which will also traditionally show games from Bethesda.

Henderson also said that the game has been in development for four years and will bear the final title DOOM: The Dark Ages. According to him, it will be a traditionally dark environment, which this time should be inspired by the Middle Ages. So far, the latest part, subtitled Eternal, was released on PC and consoles in March 2020. It is expected that the famous studio id Software is working on the new product.

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A few hours later, another well-known insider with the nickname NateTheHate2 rushed in with additional information, stating that DOOM: The Dark Ages will be released as a traditional multiplatform game. In addition to PC and Xbox Series X/S players, PlayStation 5 console owners will also be able to enjoy the game on launch day.

Source :Indian TV

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