Players are testing the capabilities of Elden Ring before the release of the new expansion.

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Compared to other From Software games, Elden Ring clearly invites you to test your limits. That is why the players in it perform various tricks that evoke emotions. According to the Automaton Media server, Japanese streamer Koori Soda, for example, set himself the goal of testing how much damage he could inflict on a level 1 character. You’d think that these wouldn’t be mind-boggling numbers, since with a starting hero you don’t have particularly wild stats, and the options inside items aren’t wild either. However, it seems that the Japanese player was able to make the most of his character and the alternatives the world offered.

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His target was the Chariot of Fire, a creature not worth facing under normal circumstances. However, Koori Soda acted like a fox. He put his enemy to sleep with the help of a pot, after which he pumped himself and him up so that he subsequently dealt him a beautiful 455 thousand units of damage with one blow, which is an impressive figure. This is even more shocking when we compare it to, for example, the 22,000 life of the Elden Beast or the 13,000 life of the Golden Order Radagon. As a result, even the incredibly durable Fire Giant with 42 thousand would not be able to withstand this terrifying blow. In short, it was a blow to the fact that the featured player could eliminate in the first level almost anything that wanted to get in his way.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree expansion will be released next month.

Source : Zing

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