Astro Bot is set to return to the desert adventure – INDIAN

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The popular PlayStation mascot returns in a new console adventure PS5. Game with Astro Bot will be announced soon, according to very reliable data miner Billbil-kun.

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According to him, the announcement should take place within the next two weeks, and this should be as much as possible. Playstation swoosh case (say May 28) or during Summer Games Festival (6/7).

The game will simply be called Astro Bot and will be a classic platformer that will once again take advantage of the DualSense controller as well as Playroom Astro, which comes pre-installed on every PS5. PC port is not excluded.

It is reported that the new adventure will take place in the heart of the desert. Here we meet a variety of characters, including a robot resembling a fennec fox, the world’s smallest fox, which has the largest ears of any canine animal relative to its body size.

What about the release date? This will probably happen this year. Thus, Sony will want to bridge the gap between the big games that we still have to wait for. No blockbuster sequel will be released until April 1, 2025.

A few days ago, Billbil-kun wrote about the upcoming presentation of a multiplayer shooter Concord from Firewalk Studios, which will be released on PS5 and PC.

We could meet the robot Astra in two separate games: Astrobot Rescue Mission was intended for PlayStation VR, and Astro’s Playroom was a tech demo of the DualSense controller.

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Source :Indian TV

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