Diablo IV’s New Instance Is Upsetting Some Players

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Diablo IV hasn’t done very well in dealing with various issues in previous seasons. Yes, the studio tried to eliminate the shortcomings, but the pace of eliminating the ailments was not always adequate. Likewise, the game’s mechanics weren’t always met with positive reviews. Currently, it seems that the authors have finally managed to “stabilize” their title and point it in the right direction. The new season is assessed very positively by all groups. However, there are also those who did not like the content that awaits at the very end of the current path. The destination “Pit of Artisans”, also known as “The Pit”, was able to kill them in one hit.

I’m so fucking sick of the one shot mechanic.
byu/M4c4br346 indiablo4

Yes, you read that right. Regardless of a given hero’s gear, health level, or orientation, players here should be dropping like flies. There are a total of 200 levels in The Pit, but some are unable to get past a hundred due to the aforementioned one-hit death. One player commented: “Bosses are still killing me with one hit already at level 75 of the Pit.Players with the Necromancer, whose build is currently one of the most outstanding that can be found in the current season, are also having problems exploring this location. Another dissatisfied commented on the current situation as follows: “The one-time boss mechanic in The Pit ruins the experience for me. I have over 80k lives with Fortify, Barrier and Life activated. However, I will die in one blow

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Not only powerful bosses can kill players, but also trash falling from enemies, because even it is capable of killing heroes at full power. Whether the Pit in Diablo IV should work this way is up for debate. However, some people ask for optimization. You yourself have the opportunity to go into the dark world of Diablo IV on PC, PlayStation, Xbox consoles, and also in Game Pass.

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