Kingdom Come: Deliverance II demonstrates the making of cutscenes in a new video

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Czech studio Warhorse has published a new trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance II. In particular, this is the creation of a video in which film director Petr Pekarz describes the filming of cut scenes. For example, he said that the fight scenes were stripped off developed in collaboration with stuntmenwho have in-depth knowledge of medieval combat, including fencing, ancient firearms and the organization of the battlefield itself.

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According to them, the developers tried to make individual scenes authentic, realistic, chaotic and at the same time organized from a military point of view. Compared to the first part, the cutscenes should be more mature, multi-layered and darker. During filming the authors they used something called performance capturewhich they describe as a great option that will allow for better recording of individual actors’ emotions.

In the video attached above it was further said that only in cut scenes in the studio There are 12 professional film directors and sound engineers.. The result is expected to be the most cinematic experience players have ever seen in an open world game. We will be able to evaluate their work later this year, when Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is released on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

In addition to the making of the video described, below you can listen to the song from the introductory trailer performed by musician Auri Ford. The boxed version of the game is available in the store.

Source :Indian TV

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