Czech shooter Crime Boss: Rockay City goes to Steam

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Developers from Brno studio Ingame have announced the arrival of their co-op event Crime Boss: Rockay City on Steam. On the Valve digital store page the title will be available from June 18. The game was originally released last March on PC via the rival Epic Games Store. In June, the game also appeared on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Despite the mixed reception and not very high ratings in reviews, the authors continue to work on the game. The result of their efforts is, in addition to free updates, paid additional content. After all, Crime Boss will be released simultaneously with the release on Steam. another DLC called Cagnali’s Orderwhich the studio presents in the sample attached above.

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It’s also worth noting that players who purchase Crime Boss: Rockay City on Steam will receive also all additional content including the aforementioned expansion of the Order of Kanyali. But this offer will be limited in time. You can find more detailed information about the game itself in our review. Below you can see an infographic with upcoming updates and additions.

Source :Indian TV

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