Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is a true next-gen product, but not in terms of gameplay – INDIAN

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Mental health problems are a category of everyday life that still have a certain taboo status in society at large. However, in recent years this stigma has been disappearing, and in the case of video games, this is one of the reasons. Among the more popular cases is the action adventure Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. since 2017. In many ways, it was a technological marvel for its time, with developers at Ninja Theory using it as a platform to explore psychosis, anxiety, and other similarly complex topics. Just like seven years ago, in the recently released sequel, this is precisely what is at the forefront of the entire experience that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 will offer you. And, unfortunately, as before, don’t expect anything more from him. This is a very specific experience that is definitely not for everyone. But that’s just a good thing.

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The second Hellblade somehow directly or indirectly follows the events of the first part. Senua’s psyche has undergone minor changes and, compared to the Celtic warrior who was at the very bottom, became a strong character who learned to control her curse and even somehow live with it. However, don’t expect big changes from the first part. Constant psychotic voices in her head, visions of non-existent things, anger, regret or even complete destruction of morality will accompany you at every stage of the game.

But I don’t want to reveal the details of this story. A lot of parts of this are up to one’s own interpretation, and it’s not always about what’s going on, rather than what individual events represent. And to top it all off, the plot is not only the main thing, but almost the only thing the game is based on. Hellblade 2, like the first part, is more similar. walking simulator, in which you can deviate from the intended path in exceptional cases and only for a few seconds before returning to the main path again. For most of the game’s time, you’ll just walk straight ahead and absorb parts of the story, which you get either through the aforementioned internal voices and narrators, as well as random dialogue with other characters you meet along the way, or within fragments. legends that you will find as part of the “collectibles”.

In this and not in other respects the second part did not change anything compared to the first. Walking passages, interspersed with absolutely stunningly designed cut-scenes, break up puzzle moves here and there. Typically, this requires you to either step into the right place to use perspective to see the right rune or symbol, or focus on special bubbles in the right order that will change your surroundings slightly and potentially open up a path forward. It’s been a long time since I played the first game, so my feelings may be wrong, but I feel that there are a little fewer of these puzzles in the game than last time. But at the same time, some of them lasted much longer. But I am absolutely sure that, unlike the first part, none of them disappointed me here, and that’s good. Although, on the other hand, I would like them to be significantly heavier, including mechanically, than they were in the final.

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