Nintendo bought Shiver Entertainment from Embracer

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Nintendo is definitely not the kind of company that makes purchases. And when it does, it’s usually teams it’s been working with for a long time, like the folks behind Next Level Games’ Luigi’s Mansion series, which Nintendo bought in 2021. However, now the Japanese company has announced an acquisition that is a bit unusual for it.

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Specifically, it’s Shiver Entertainment, a studio founded in 2012 that has been involved in the development of several games, but lately it’s mostly been behind the Nintendo Switch ports of Hogwarts Legacy and Mortal Kombat 1. Shiver’s goal will remain the same even after the acquisition, so that in the future it will not only be involved in new games and ports for the Switch, but also other platforms.

By the way, Shiver has not been an independent studio for several years. In December 2021, it was acquired by Embracer, or rather its offshoot Saber, which separated a few months ago. Even after the sale of Saber, Shiver Entertainment remained under the control of Embracer, but now the Swedish giant is getting rid of it too. Nintendo buys 100% of the shares and gains full control of the studio.

Source :Indian TV

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