Gotham Knights received Czech localization

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In October 2022, developers from the WB Games Montréal studio released the superhero action game Gotham Knights, which relies on playing multiple characters, a dark Gotham setting and a story-driven campaign with support for co-op play. On the other hand, frequently cited shortcomings included the 30 FPS limit on consoles and the overly formulaic open world structure.

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If you haven’t gotten to the game yet, you might take it for granted. recently published fan Czech for the PC version, which was handled by a translator with the nickname Kubinx. The localization can be downloaded for free on the Game Translations group website. You can read more about Gotham Knights in our review, in which the game received a score of 7/10 and the following verdict:

“The developers at WB Games Montréal have taken on a difficult task. Although it is not a sequel to the Arkham series, the game cannot be viewed differently due to similarities. They succeeded in some elements (primarily multiplayer and variety of heroes), the missions (mostly side ones) are impressive, but the game still remains in the shadow of Batman. Limiting the console versions to 30fps remains a complete gimmick. It’s not really suitable for an action game full of fights. However, if you are a fan of Batman and the DC Universe, you will be able to enjoy the game despite these ailments thanks to the dense atmosphere and excellent soundtrack.”

Gotham Knights is available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Source :Indian TV

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