Valve’s new game will be hero shooter Deadlock in the style of Overwatch – INDIAN

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Overwatch there will be further competition from Blizzard. To the newly introduced heroic shooter Marvel Rivals from the Chinese company NetEase Games will be added Dead end from Valve. The game is supposed to be in closed alpha.

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Despite this, the first images and information appear on the Internet. Apparently, it will be a third-person shooter. The emphasis should be on the abilities of individual characters. in 6v6 battles, which occur on large maps. The setting is described as fantasy with steampunk.

Tyler McVicker provided most of the information. He is considered a very reliable source in the Valve community. According to him, the name in development since 2018 and includes tower defense mechanics. As for fantasy, we will see wizards, strange creatures and robots, and steampunk will communicate with cards, including using fast rails, similar to those known from BioShock Infinite.

“Mostly fast-paced, fun ADHD gameplay. A combination of Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Valorant, Smite, Orcs Must Die.” McVicker said.

“The design of the heroes is largely inspired by the Dota universe. The main map references a modern European steampunk city (a bit like Half-Life). The game originally had sci-fi elements inspired by Half-Life and Portal, but after poor reviews the development team decided to focus on fantasy.” McVicker added.

This is interesting information. Personally, I expect the Half-Life and Portal inspired elements to be what will pull off Valve’s new game. But instead they should have been criticized and the developers decided to move more towards fantasy.

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Source :Indian TV

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