Ubisoft invites its shooter XDefiant, which Call of Duty wants to threaten – INDIAN

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He has Call of Duty frightened? Ubisoft beckons with its free-to-play first-person shooter XDefiantwhich will be released next week for PC and the last two generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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The game will offer exciting battles pitting janitors from The Division, agents from Splinter Cell, ghosts from Ghost Recon, guerrillas from Far Cry 6 or hackers from Watch Dogs against each other.

Ubisoft has big ambitions. Apparently, XDefiant wants to go against Call of Duty and try to drag Warzone players. Whether this will succeed will become clear in the first days after the launch.

You can pre-download XDefiant right now. The launch will take place on Tuesday, May 21, as part of a six-week pre-season training period. This will include the following content:

  • 14 maps (Arena, Attica Heights, Dumbo, Echelon Headquarters, Emporium, Liberty, Mayday, Meltdown, Midway, Noodleplex, Pueblito, Showtime, Times Square, Zoo)
  • 24 weapons
  • 5 factions (Echelon, Phantoms, Purifiers, Libertad, DedSec – available after unlocking or purchasing).
  • 5 modes (Domination, Hot Shot, Capture, Escort, Zone Control)

A new season comes out every three months.. Each should add one new faction, three new weapons and three maps. Naturally, each will come with a 90-level battle pass. In the first year, the game will be expanded with four factions, 12 weapons and 12 maps.

Here are the system requirements for the PC version:

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Source :Indian TV

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