Next week there will be an important presentation dedicated to everything Sony – INDIAN

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Sony has announced a new presentation. But this is not the expected result PlayStation showcaseand Beyond the Boundaries, where CEO Kenichiro Yoshida and CFO Hiroki Totoki will lay out plans for the entire company.

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According to Tom Warren of The Verge, Beyond the Boundaries will primarily be a financial conference where important information about Sony’s future and strategy will be heard. Probably also a strategy around PlayStation. We will find out the truth on Thursday, May 23, early in the morning Central European Time.

The presentation will last 90 minutes. Analyst Daniel Ahmad expects the company’s next presentation to take place on May 30. She’s got it Dedicate yourself exclusively to the PlayStation brand and his strategy. But this shouldn’t be a PlayStation showcase. Although the public event may take place a day later. Sony did the same thing last year.

On Tuesday this week, Sony announced Jim Ryan’s successor. They will run the video games division from June 1, 2024. two bosses. Hideaki Nishino will oversee the hardware and technology side, and Hermen Hulst, as head of PlayStation Studios, will be responsible for the games and their translation into the world of films and TV series.

Later, Hiroki Totoki appeared before shareholders, where he outlined a little of the new strategy. From the looks of it, PlayStation is about to deviate from its current strategy and is taking inspiration from rival Microsoft. Sony has set itself the goal of increasing profits at the PlayStation division by focusing on amount of timewhich dedicates users to games in the PS5 ecosystem.

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