Prison Architect 2 has changed developers

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Publisher Paradox Interactive announced that the development Prison Architect 2 moves from the original development studio Double Eleven to the Brazilian national team Kokku. The companies did not agree on the terms of cooperation.

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Double Eleven first got their hands on the first Prison Architect nine years ago. She first took over the console port and then took over control of the game from the Introversion Software team. The second part includes the third dimension, it was presented in January of this year.

“Since the sequel has been certified on all platforms, the contract has been fulfilled,” Paradox wrote.

Studio Kokku has been working on the game as a support team since late last summer. The game director wrote this in a separate post. Gaz Wright from Double Eleven. The Brazilian developers took over development entirely in January, around the time of the announcement, and have been working on the game themselves for several months now.

“They are as passionate as our team and love the genre. In addition to refining certain gameplay elements, we’ve also had some very interesting discussions over the last few months about their ideas and the content they might add in the coming years,” Wright added.

The release of Prison Architect 2 has been delayed twice, most recently from May to September 3. Heading to the PC PlayStation 5 And Xbox series.

Source :Indian TV

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