2K will present a new part of the famous series at Summer Game Fest

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We’re just a few weeks away from the Summer Game Fest, hosted by Geoff Keighley. And although the presenter and organizer always keep certain surprises in one person, they often, before their events, announce at least several games that will appear that evening in order to lure viewers to the presentation. This year was no exception, and Keighley began his announcement with a big message.

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Official Twitter account of Summer Game Fest in a short message writes, that the event will feature “a new version of one of 2K’s biggest and most beloved series.” The Take-Two publishing label is responsible for some extremely popular brands, so there’s more to choose from than meets the eye.

He’s still the leading candidate Bioshock 4. A game that is being developed in the Cloud Chamber studio, founded for these purposes back in 2019. Apart from the announcement that the game is being worked on, we don’t know anything about it officially. There have already been some leaks, but it is still difficult to verify their authenticity.

Another possibility could be Civilization VII, a continuation of the famous turn-based strategy series from Firaxis. We’ve officially known that it’s been in the works since February of last year, but other than that, like BioShock, nothing has been announced at all. Less likely option is new XCOM. But if it is created, then most likely it will be at an earlier stage of development than Civilization.

Let’s not forget about the series Mafia, which is currently handled by the studio Hangar 13, which also has branches in Prague and Brno. The new part has already been confirmed in August 2022, then again we officially know nothing, but there have been rumors about the prequel as part of leaks and speculation. A month ago, by the way, insider Kourakasis claimed that there would be an announcement soon.

The last of the most likely options: Borderland 4, a continuation of the popular shooter series from Gearbox. Troika was released in 2019, and the spin-off Wonderland will be released in 2022. But here we don’t even have confirmation that work is being done on the new part at all.

And how do you see it, what do you think 2K is announcing? We’ll find out on June 7th, the event will start at 23:00 Central European Summer Time.

Source : Zing

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