Saints Row’s return was one big mess – INDIAN

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See you again Saints Row had high hopes for Embracer Group. However, the urban action game in the style of Grand Theft Auto flopped and was one big bummer. We previously heard from representatives of the publisher that the game did not live up to expectations in terms of either sales or quality.

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Tyrin Stevenson, former community and social media manager for Volition Studios, recently disclosed sales. Only Saints Row sold 1.7 million copies and attracted 1 million players across all platforms.

That someone will buy the game and not even launch it? This may include free items given away on the Epic Games Store in December 2023.

Regardless, the Saints Row reboot really failed. After all, even the original part sold 2 million copies, and its sequel – 3.4 million. Saints Row The Third, which crossed the 5.5 million mark, can be called a big hit. Then all four of them released a million copies in the first week.

We can’t be that surprised by the decision close Volition studio and fire your employees. They managed to release three major updates, fixing over 400 bugs, and the promised three additional packages.

So we’ll see if Embracer Group ever returns in a big way to Saints Row. According to earlier statements, the Saints Row and Red Faction series are not dead.

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Source :Indian TV

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