The developers are not exaggerating with the size of Assassin’s Creed: Shadows – INDIAN

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Baghdadi Mirage with a smaller world, Ubisoft will return to a huge open world this November. Assassin’s Creed: Shadows invites us to the long-awaited feudal Japan. The world will be about the same size as Egypt in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

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With that in mind, the world could be a little smaller than in the Odyssey and Valhalla games, but at the same time much larger than in the original Assassin’s Creed trilogy. In any case, Ubisoft does not want to overdo it and instead of creating large worlds, they focused on improving them. In the same time they emphasize authentic processing. What does it mean? The castles will become larger and the mountains more impressive.

The map is divided into regions based on real historical provinces of Japan, including Iga (home of the shinobi), Arima (site of a major battle), and Omi (agricultural region).

Shadows brings a big new twist with the annual cycle, changing weather, and day/night cycles. According to the developers, we will be able to use these changes to the game world to our advantage. For example, covert movement will be easier at night, and in spring and summer lush vegetation provides shelter. In winter we will no longer go below the surface of the water because it will freeze.

The plus is that in winter, opponents remain within reach of the heat, giving you the opportunity to explore areas undetected while enemy samurai sneak through the bushes in the summer looking for you. In winter, you will need to pay attention to icicles on the roofs, the fall of which can expose you.

He talks about everything bad weather. Thick fog, howling wind and snow affect the sight and hearing of enemies. A storm is an opportunity to cover your tracks.

The seasons will change as the story progresses to maintain historical accuracy, the creators told IGN. Therefore, it may happen that someone will play a side mission in the spring, and another in the winter. This depends on how each player progresses through the campaign.

In all cases, the new dynamic lighting system with solar rays, torches and lanterns should be highlighted. Within range, the enemy will see you, and in the shadows you become invisible. And if you can’t avoid the light, you can put out the torches and lamps. This is where the developers got inspired by the series Splinter Cell. There will be an indicator that will let you know how well you are hidden from the eyes of others.

Assassin’s Creed Shadows will be released on November 15 this year on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S at a price of 70 euros. Unfortunately, Czech subtitles are not included in the supported languages.

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