The creators of the acclaimed film “Before Dawn” show the horror film “Casting Frank Stone” – INDIAN

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Horror game studio specialists Supermassive Games, home of the acclaimed series Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology, are ramping up their upcoming project. That’s all Frank Stone Castinga single-player cinematic nightmare that follows four friends as they uncover unfathomable horrors while filming a movie.

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Apart from the fact that The Casting of Frank Stone sticks to the classic Supermassive Games style, there is another interesting thing; The action takes place in the same world as Dead by Daylight..

“The world of The Entity is like a book with endless pages.” says Dave Richard, senior creative director at Behavior Interactive, where they are responsible for Dead by Daylight. “With a completely different setting, different gameplay and more, Casting Frank Stone is a way for us to fill those pages and tell the Dead by Daylight story in a way we haven’t been able to do before.”

Frank Stone’s casting awaits you dark, disjointed story, in which the players’ decisions are the only thing that stands between the life and death of individual characters. The story takes place in the summer of 1980, when four friends decide to make their mark in horror cinema. Little does he know that what he captures with his 8mm camera will lead to something incredible. Throughout the game, players will test their resolve and ingenuity by solving environmental puzzles, making impossible decisions, and reacting to Quick Time events in search of clues that reveal broader connections.

Casting Frank Stone will be released this year on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store).

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Source :Indian TV

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