PlayStation doesn’t really care about selling games anymore. Like Xbox, it increases player engagement – INDIAN

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Following the announcement of the appointment of two new heads of Sony’s video game division, board member Hiroki Totoki appeared before shareholders to explain the announced changes. change of strategy. PlayStation is deviating from its current strategy and taking inspiration from rival Microsoft.

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With the launch of the Game Pass subscription, the American company stopped counting the copies of games sold. Instead she focused on them time, which players spend in the Xbox ecosystem. A Japanese competitor is now announcing the same strategy.

Sony aimed to boost profits at its PlayStation division by focusing on the amount of time users spend playing games in the PS5 ecosystem.

“Before PS5, our business model was focused on selling more software than hardware. This was the fundamental strategy we followed before the PlayStation 4, but with the advent of the PS4 there was a transition that forced us to rethink our business with the advent of the PlayStation 5, no longer basing it on simple principles. on the amount of software sold, but on the broader amount of gaming time spent by users in the PlayStation ecosystem.” – Totoki stated. PC is also part of this ecosystem.

With this change it should already be possible to increase profits. This growth is expected to continue in the future. Sony intends expand the number of PS5 owners, bring your own interesting games and then offer them to players on computers. But big balls are yet to come. Sony has once again confirmed that these games won’t be available until April next year. Previously, company representatives announced that there would be no continuation of the famous series until April 1, 2025.

For this reason, Totoki does not expect sales of third-party games to increase this fiscal year. Growth will not occur until fiscal 2025 and 2026, when expected games Totoki describes as improved and richer gaming experience. So we have to wait for them in the period from 01/04/2025 to 03/31/2027. It will be replaced this year by a multiplayer shooter. Concord and at least Remake of Silent Hill 2.

The new era of PlayStation, led by two bosses (Hideaki Nishino, responsible for the platform, and Hermen Hulst for games), has a three-year plan in which changes are expected. We will learn more about them at the end of May.

As we already know, Sony wants to regularly release story-driven single-player and live-service games along the lines of Destiny 2 and Helldivers 2. The latter game managed to sell 12 million units on PS5 and PC in a short period. time.

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