EA wants to bring more artificial intelligence into game development soon – INDIA

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Artificial intelligence will soon be very useful in game development. CEO of the company Electronic art intends to rely on machine learning algorithms in the coming years. They are designed to make developers’ jobs easier and help them create larger, more immersive worlds.

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Over the next few years, artificial intelligence will help half the game development process. EA teams are said to be excited about the power of AI and want to incorporate it into their work.

“We have analyzed all our development processes and, based on the first assessment, we believe that the use of generative artificial intelligence will have a positive impact on more than 50% of our production processes,” Andrew Wilson reported.

“Our main goal is to create bigger, more innovative, creative and fun games. We want to create them faster so we can bring entertainment to people around the world more often.” added the EA CEO, saying that AI-powered capabilities will be created within three to five years. bigger and more exciting worldsin which several players participate.

The survey was conducted by GDC earlier this year. It turned out that today 31% Game developers use some form of artificial intelligence in their work. Most often this concerns business and marketing activities. One in four developers surveyed then use AI for programming, and 21% for title design.

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Source :Indian TV

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