PlayStation pulls back third-party and third-party games, console sales expected to rise

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Game console recorded relatively good financial results in the last financial year. Sales and profits exceeded expectations. The number of consoles sold did not reach expected levels, but still increased compared to last year. The gaming division is still Sony’s strongest part and accounts for almost a third of the Japanese giant’s revenue.

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Segment Games and network services (de facto PlayStation) occupied the conversion from April last year to the end of March this year $27.3 billion. This 17% more than last year, with an increase of more than double compared to forecasts. Profits also rose above expectations, in particular by 16% to $1.9 billion..

Third-party games and successful third-party releases are largely responsible for the rise in Rise of the Ronin and especially Helldivers 2. The second game mentioned sold 12 million copies in 12 weeks. On the other hand, the games of the first batch did not have much impact. Sony predicts this trend for next year, mainly due to the lack of major blockbusters from PlayStation Studios.

Console PlayStation 5 Sales 20.8 million, which is an increase from last year’s 19.1 million but slightly below the 21 million estimate. In addition, the company adjusted the amount from the originally planned 25 million. Sales are expected to decline over the next twelve months. In total, there are already 59.2 million PS5 consoles among players.

PlayStation promises a stable year. Revenue should decline slightly due to the factors mentioned; on the contrary, the Japanese publisher expects profit to be almost 7% higher than in the previous period. Except for the upcoming expansion Final form For Destiny 2 the company also confirmed the release of the game with a live service Concord from Firewalk Studios in 2024.

From June 1, PlayStation will be headed by a pair of directors Germen Hulst And Hideaki Nishina. He will replace interim director Hiroki Totoki, to whom he will report as chairman of the board.

Source : Zing

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