Review of the board game Borderlands: Mr. Torrg and its harsh arena

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Borderlands is a cult gaming phenomenon that players can’t afford to miss. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before we created a board game in which we could look into this universe. Current Borderlands: Mr. Torrg and its arena of cruelty will take you nowhere but the famous arena. The following paragraphs of this review will tell you if it is worth it.

Number of players: 1-4
Playing time: 60 minutes
Price: 3199 CZK (Alsa)
Age: 14+

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Borderland: Mr. Torrg and his arena of cruelty will open twelve scenarios for you.

For fans of the legendary co-op looter shooter, Borderlands: Mr. Torrg and his arena of cruelty at home. From the very beginning they have the opportunity to choose one of the characters. The menu includes the famous Salvador, the thief Mordechai, the shooter Moza and the siren Amara. Just like in video games, here you have the opportunity to shape your character. However, instead of three trees, you will have to choose one at a time, but you do not have to install it permanently, since it can be replaced with another.

Once you’ve looked around and prepared your individual heroes, there’s nothing stopping you from playing. However, before you play, it should be noted that this play is based on the idea of ​​a four-player game, so if you don’t have friends, you have no choice but to take more than one hero, which is not that unusual since others projects with a similar setup, including Zombicide, are the same. The same goes for the idea that the whole is not told to you through randomly selected scenarios, but instead offers you a full campaign, consisting of twelve parts, firmly connected within the framework of the plot backstory, with which, even in the event of loss, it is possible to survive that on actually seems very interesting to me. But let’s move on to the gameplay itself.

Once you’ve prepared your heroes and map layout, there’s nothing stopping you from going into battle. The game is played in rounds, at the beginning of which the hunters always play first. You activate one of them, after which you can move, attack enemies, change weapons, use an item, change equipment, or collect loot tokens. You determine how far the characters will travel using tokens of three colors. You then also use them during an attack, where the token determines your range. Once a person chooses the target of an action, they determine the target value that they should roll on a specific color die, after which they roll it and add their hero’s statistics to the value. After this, the effect associated with this action is evaluated and triggered.

When you hit an enemy, he is injured or even killed depending on the number of lives. The action can also be performed against multiple targets. In this case, one defense roll for each target is scored separately. When you manage to destroy an enemy, it drops a loot token. Here they are presented in several forms. Traditionally, we have items that heal lost lives, give the character the ammo they need to shoot, allow them to change equipment, or perhaps improve abilities in their chosen tech tree. There are many options that could come up.Review of the board game Borderlands: Mr.  Bargaining and its arena of cruelty Borderlands Mr.  Torrg and his arena of cruelty 1

There is enough of what we will talk about in Borderlands: Mr. Torrg and his roughness and gear arena because this series is all about gear play. Each hunter has space for two weapons, a shield, a grenade and two modules. The range of equipment is incredibly varied, so you can equip it very cheaply, and there is nothing stopping you from trading the equipment you have for some new parts that you can find, for example, in the vending machines that are always available at the end of the mission. . But before you reach the end, you usually have to fall or complete some task, which, naturally, a bunch of enemies are trying to prevent you from doing.

The enemies here are activated when you play with the heroes. Their progress is then recorded on a report card, which may contain some of the seven orders. The main target of enemies is always a hunter “empowered” with light. When they are within range, they will attack him. But if he is outside of it, the hunter with the most red tokens becomes the next target. In addition to attacking, enemies can move, consume hunter ammo, draw an event card, perform a special action, or be placed on the field according to clearly defined scenario rules. The palette of opponents is varied and there are not even bosses among them. If they accidentally manage to send you to earth, you have the opportunity, like in a video game, to exchange their life for yours.

Review of the board game Borderlands: Mr.  Bargaining and its arena of cruelty Borderlands Mr.  Torrg and his Arena of Cruelty 3

The round always ends after the enemies finish the game. Borderland: Mr. Torrg and his arena of cruelty allow you to make a purification roll, which you make using a four-sided die. This roll can destroy any uncollected loot tokens or remove various negative effect tokens from the characters. Hunters will also respawn, for which you will pay a certain number of credits, after which you will evaluate whether there was a victory or defeat. When the game continues, you will completely exhaust your report card, at which point the action tokens will reset and the next round will begin.

Gameplay Borderlands: Mr. Torrg and his arena of cruelty will be no stranger to Zombicide.

Action Borderlands: Mr. Torrg and his Arena of Cruelty is a great adaptation of the popular looter shooter series. Together with a group of heroes, you go to meet a bunch of angry enemies who, like you, are taking part in a severe test. The individual characters are well fleshed out, the equipment gives you different options to solve problems, and the arena set gives you the ability to create your own scenarios that you build upon those you go through in the main campaign. Personally, I could imagine a more diverse palette of heroes, but this is primarily my problem, not the game itself.Review of the board game Borderlands: Mr.  Bargaining and its arena of cruelty Borderlands Mr.  Torrg and his arena of cruelty

Borderland: Mr. Torrg and its arena of cruelty is an action-packed experience for several evenings, during which you will have to take and give away a lot of pain. If you like games very similar to Zombicide and also like Borderlands, I probably wouldn’t be afraid of this game despite the higher price.

For providing a copy of Borderlands: Mr. Torrg and his Arena of Cruelty would like to thank Czech distributor Blackfire.

Source :Indian TV

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