Sony has stopped selling the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima in 177 countries due to PSN account – INDIA

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The situation is repeated with Helldivers 2. In the case of a popular co-op shooter, players won and convinced Sony not to add the need connecting Steam to PlayStation Network. But the upcoming samurai event is different from others.

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Ghost of Tsushima Account linking will be required to play Legends co-op mode and use the new PlayStation Overlay, which provides PlayStation Trophies, a friends list, and cross-play between PC and PS4 and PS5 on PC. There is no such obstacle in the single story part. But despite this The Japanese company has stopped selling the game on Steam in 177 countries. (probably the same on the Epic Games Store). These are countries where players cannot legally register for PSN. Before this, the game was available to these players and they could pre-order it.

What countries are these? According to the list, for example, Egypt, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Monaco, Estonia or Lithuania. Ironically, Japan was also originally on the list. But now he is no longer there. On the other hand, Helldivers 2 was banned yesterday in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

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Source :Indian TV

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