Resident Evil 9 is set to take us to an island inspired by Singapore – INDIAN

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About something not yet announced Resident Evil 9 Much has been written and said in recent months. Some of them were fiction, some were fan wishful thinking, and some may have been true. Well-known insider Dusk Golem wants to clear this up before the official reveal.

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According to him information Resident Evil 9 events will take place on an island in Southeast Asia. This is supposed to be a fictitious place inspired by Singapore. If this is true, we’re in for a pretty drastic change of scenery from Resident Evil 8: Village, which was set in Eastern Europe and Seven was set in Louisiana.

In this horror series, Capcom focused mainly on the West, between the American city of Raccoon City and its surrounding areas. Only part of Resident Evil 6 took place in the Chinese city of Lanshiang. At this time, we do not know whether the Nine will be able to monitor these events in any way.

The same insider recently spoke about preparations for the presentation of Resident Evil 9. It is assumed that the game will be released longest in development in the history of the seriesCapcom wants to raise the bar for survival horror, and the developers are said to be using Dragon’s Dogma 2’s open world technology.

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Source :Indian TV

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