Hades 2 surprises and is popular on Steam – INDIAN

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Sudden discovery Second part The popular roguelike game Hades has a very interesting continuation. Although this is still a preliminary approach, we can already say that this is something more spectacular, large-scale and complex than the first part. He offers a lot more than he’s used to games at a similar stage of development. You will discover many new characters, interesting stories, mechanics and several weapons, as well as areas to explore.

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mere presence Hades 2 quite surprising on Steam, considering how the first part appeared. This game from Supergiant Games She was originally exclusive to Epicwhere it also came out in early access in 2018, came out on Steam only a year later and experienced a peak before releasewhen it was officially released on Steam in October 2020. At that time, the maximum number of players survived here. 37,749. Today the second part plays at one point more like 100 thousand players.

This is a huge success and, as the developers promise, we probably have something to look forward to: “Hades 2 Early Access already includes more environments, enemies, and fully voiced characters than the full version of the original Hades game. However, it is not yet complete, and key areas, characters, enemies, story events and systems are yet to come.” Supergiant reports. “We expect the full version of Hades 2 to have a more complete and polished set of features and content than the Early Access version, as well as Steam achievements and a true ending.

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