Single-player Second-Loop shooter reminiscent of Titanfall and Portal – INDIAN

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Complete failure And Portal one? That’s how I feel about the newly revealed single-player first-person shooter. Second cycle from an independent team KakaruStudio. The game beckons with intense combat, manipulation of gravity and possibilities build almost anything.

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As a mech pilot, you’ll not only enjoy fighting other mechs, but also solving physics puzzles. The ability to overcome gravity and manipulate objects with the power of thought will help you with this. These skills will also come in handy when you take things apart and put them back together. The authors even talk about options disassemble and assemble your environment.

It will be possible to build almost anything: from outlandish sports cars to boats and airplanes. Of course, then you can take your creation for a test drive and have a lot of fun. in a post-apocalyptic cityscapewhere the remains of a once prosperous metropolis are drenched in endless rain.

What are we doing here? At this point, we know that we will not only be a hero, but also a symbol of resistance to the oppressive forces that try to dominate the world. Our actions will inspire others to join the fight, leading to a decisive confrontation that will decide the future of humanity. Although there is no talk of cooperation.

Second-Loop has been announced for PC.

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Source :Indian TV

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