Nothing will happen to Remedy and the Chinese comrades, the Kestrel project is canceled – INDIAN

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The Finnish studio Remedy honestly informs investors and other partners about the progress of development every few months. Control 2a remake of the first two parts of the Max Payne series and a cooperative spin-off with the working title Control. Condor. We also often get details about the results and further support for last year’s Survival Horror Alan Wake 2. But when all these interesting things are announced, usually sitting in the corner is another Remedy attempt, namely a paid co-op project with the working title Kestrel, whose development began thanks to the cooperation of the Finnish company with the Chinese media giant Tencent. But he doesn’t have to cower anymore because Kestrel has been completely cancelled..

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It has long been known that Remedy has problems with the entire project and that its development is not going well. For many years it was known as Vanguard, originally the name of a team that would focus on developing small experimental projects using the Unreal engine. The team began work on a free-to-play co-op game of the same name, which Tencent took notice of after years of experimenting with the game concept. Subsequently, an agreement was reached between Remedy and Tencent, according to which the Chinese giant was to co-finance the project and, upon completion, release it into Asian markets and oversee localization for these markets. It was even believed that Tencent was responsible for developing and releasing ports for mobile platforms.. The Finnish creators then continued developing versions for PC and consoles, while retaining publishing rights for the rest of the world.

But both companies after a while reassessed the market situation and risks associated with the free-to-play model, and so the concepts of the Avangard project went to waste and were replaced by Kestrel at the end of last year. She was supposed to be him still co-op and multiplayer, but a classic pay-to-play and story-driven game., which, by some indications, may even use the same world as the Alan Wake and Control series, that is, the Remedy Connected Universe. However, even these plans were eventually abandoned. And this time nothing will replace them.

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