Dead Space: Deep Cover audio story released

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With the recent announcement that Motive (the developers of the Dead Space remake) will be working on a new Battlefield in addition to Iron Man, it looks like we won’t be getting another Dead Space entry. However, there is new content this year, just in a slightly different form.

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A few days ago, the first episode of Dead Space: Deep Cover was released – an audio story from Bloody FM (in collaboration with EA and Motive), announced in June last year. Since then, complete silence has reigned around the project, so fans have assumed that the podcast was secretly closed. But in the end it did come out, at least the already mentioned first episode, lasting almost 40 minutes. The next chapters will be published every two weeks.

Dead Space: Deep Cover stars journalist Emmeline Ayuba, who is searching for her sister, whom she hasn’t seen in years. Thus, he infiltrates the Unitology Church and is directly confronted with internal conflicts and strange customs. You can listen to the audio story on the official Bloody FM website, where you will also find links to traditional audio platforms.

Source : Zing

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