Starfield will receive ground vehicles, as well as support for 60 FPS on consoles

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Last September, the sci-fi RPG Starfield was released next week. we’ll see another major update. First of all, it will bring a long-awaited performance mode among console players, which will allow you to play at 60 FPS. But for owners of VRR-enabled display devices, there will also be modes targeting 40fps and unlimited frame rates. In a message on the official website, the developers also draw attention to fixing a number of errors and shortcomings, as well as improving the performance and operation of the game.

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In terms of the new content, which is presented in the dev diary attached above, it is worth noting, for example, a new extreme difficulty, increased ability to customize ship interiors, a new dialogue camera, a change in the functioning of surface maps, or the way the scanner displays icons for individual areas of interest. Update number 1.11.33 will be released on Wednesday, May 15th.. PC players can try out the new beta features for a few days.

Apart from this news, people are also starting to talk about adding ground vehicles. In particular, the video attached below, which shows short gameplay footage, caught my attention. But this news will appear only in one of the upcoming updates. In addition to free updates, Bethesda is also preparing its first paid expansion called Shattered Space, which should release sometime in the fall. Starfield is available on PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox/PC Game Pass.

Source :Indian TV

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