In Survival Serum, your survival depends on an unknown substance – INDIAN

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This year belongs to Early Access. A stunning medieval building strategy game recently released in Early Access Lords of the Manorhostilities War in the Gray Zone from the Brno studio Madfinger Games, Palmyre or shrouded. The long-promised survival adventure game Serum will soon be added to this list.

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serum is a first-person survival game. To survive, you need to obtain an unknown toxic liquid. Fight dangerous creatures, solve puzzles and find clues about past events. In this world, which includes different biomes, it is convenient to find shelter, search for new technologies or make equipment and weapons.

Serum is expected to remain in Early Access for approximately 12 months, offering hours of exploration, crafting and resource gathering, including weapon crafting and a serum recipe. As we see, we will also hunt wild animals. There will be a co-op mode for four players.

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Source :Indian TV

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