T-800 will be a relentless hunter in the survival action “Terminator: Survivors” – INDIAN

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At the end of February, the survival action game aroused the curiosity of players. Terminator: Survivors, for which Nacon presented a one-minute trailer. He beckoned into the open world of the ruined End of the world. Today we will learn new details.

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Important information has appeared in the Steam FAQ. The game takes place in 2009, four years after the cataclysmic events of Judgment Day. Skynet almost succeeded in destroying humanity. Only those who were far enough away from the epicenters of nuclear explosions or who found refuge in anti-nuclear bunkers survived. Now they must face a new era in a post-apocalyptic radioactive environment. Various factions compete for dominance over territory and vital resources.

We can say that each group is trying to survive and grab a piece for itself. From the very beginning, few people understand who is behind the nuclear attack. However, amid the chaos lurks a constant threat: lonely T-800. This dangerous machine was sent by Skynet to kill the remaining people and ensure victory in the future war. The imminent presence of the T-800 is intended to instill fear and anxiety. just like the first two Terminator films.

Nacon describes the T-800 as tireless hunter, which cannot be stopped. In addition to this machine, players will have to face survivors controlled by artificial intelligence, as the developers are not planning PvP. The story can be played alone or in collaboration with three friends.

The original story should be rich in side plots and quests.. We will meet familiar characters from the films, as well as completely new faces important to the plot. They can also play a role in the base that will be assigned to us at the beginning. It can be expanded and improved later. We will get there gradually to various types of vehicles.

What disappoints some is the camera information. first person only. The game will not have a third-person view. On the contrary, the good news is that the single-player game does not require an Internet connection.

For those who were interested in the Unreal Engine version, we are talking about Unreal engine 5. The first players will be able to verify the qualities of Terminator: Survivors; registration for private playtests should begin soon. The early access release is scheduled for October 24 this year. The game will later appear on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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