Helldivers 2 faces overwhelming criticism from players on Steam

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Late last week, we informed you about an amazing requirement that PC players of the popular event Helldivers 2 will soon have to fulfill. Specifically, the developers announced that the game would. Now even on computers you need to create a PlayStation Network account and its subsequent connection to Steam. The announcement of this move drew widespread criticism from players. The result was more than 215,000 negative reviews, which significantly reduced the game’s rating on Steam.

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Judging by recent reviews, the game currently has only 16% positive reviews (extremely negative rating). Over the past few days, the overall rating has dropped to 49% (mixed). New players will still need to have a PSN account starting today, May 6th. Existing players will need to meet this requirement starting June 4th. However, it should be noted that some players will not be able to fulfill this requirement, as PSN is not available at all in many countries.

Eventually there are 177 countries, among which African states and overseas territories predominate. But players from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, the Philippines, Vietnam or Kazakhstan also have problems. Steam also responded to this fact and completely removed Helldivers 2 from sale in these countries. It then offered existing players a refund option beyond the normal two hours of play.

Players are now waiting to see how Sony and the developers from the Arrowhead Game studio will react to the loud criticism and review of the game from many countries. At the moment, the studio’s community manager reported on the game’s Discord that the decision to require a PSN account was made solely by Sony. However, it is already clear that at the moment this is a rather significant blow to the reputation of the game. Helldivers 2 is available on PC and PlayStation 5.

Source :Indian TV

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