Helldivers 2 removed from Steam in 177 countries due to PSN account – INDIAN

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Removed by Sony Helldivers 2 from the menu Steam in 177 countries where it is not available PlayStation Network service. This is because this popular co-op event from Arrowhead will now require a PSN account.

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The developers announced a new condition at the end of this work week. Since then, players have been outraged by the need to create a PSN account to play Helldivers 2 on Steam. New players will have until June 4, 2024 to link their accounts.

Helldivers 2 is no longer sold in, for example, all of Africa, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Albania, Moldova, Montenegro, Jamaica, as well as Antarctica or the overseas territories of Great Britain and the United States. Players from these countries they don’t understand Sony’s decision and criticize it loudly. It is unclear whether these players will be able to enter the battle and continue playing after a month. Some of them have played Helldivers 2 for over 100 hours.

If Sony bans these players from playing, Valve is expected to refund everyone’s money. This usually happens provided that the person has not downloaded content for more than two hours and the product was purchased no more than two weeks ago. However, in the case of Helldivers 2, the PSN account requirement only comes into effect now, while the game has been on the market since February 8, 2024. Fortunately, the first positive information appears that Valve is returning the money.

The players have finished bombing review they note that Sony’s actions are wrong and there is absolutely no question of changing the conditions. As a result they extremely negative user reviews. From Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon, more than 144 thousand negative reviews were written on Steam. Some have accused Sony of lying, pointing to 2022 when Sony stated on its support page that PC gamers would not need to sign in to the PlayStation Network. At that time it was about additional option. This page was later quietly changed to now include the word may; Some PlayStation games may require a PSN login. By the way, the Czech version still states that “it is not necessary to log in to the PSN service while playing a PlayStation game on a computer.”

Why is Sony doing this? The official justification is the ability to more effectively ban cheaters and protect those who play by the rules. This gives rise to the right to appeal the ban. But it looks like Sony wants to use the success of Helldivers 2 to add these players to the active PlayStation Network membership. This is despite the fact that many players find this annoying.

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Source :Indian TV

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