Deliver Us Mars writers disbanded the team

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Dutch studio KeokeN Interactive for games Bring us the moon And Bring us Mars tried to attract investors at the GDC conference in March. On this occasion, they presented five upcoming games. This move was not successful and the team had to be disbanded due to their financial situation.

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“We are heartbroken to have to part ways with our team at KeokeN as nothing major has changed since our visit to GDC. Unfortunately, we have exhausted all conceivable options for publication, individual work and joint development.” they write studio executives Cohen And Paul Ditman.

They recommend their former employees to other studios and offer connections: “Our top priority is to ensure our amazing team finds a new home.”

Although the team has ceased to exist in its form, the central couple does not lose hope: “We are significantly weakened, but we are far from resigned. Our personal mission is to gradually rebuild KeokeN as we did before, and continue the legacy of our people and the legacy of our games. We’ll be heading to Kickstarter soon with our highly anticipated game, Deliver Us Home.”

Source :Indian TV

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