Lost Records: Bloom & Rage presents the heroines with a retro trailer

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Don’t nod After being announced late last year, it’s getting closer to its new epic adventure game again Lost Records: Bloom and Fury. In the foreground is the new trailer. The fictitious author of the video is the main character of the story, who films it on a video camera, while the appearance corresponds to the second half of the nineties, when part of the story takes place.

We will play as Swan, who is trying to capture her last summer in Velvet Bay on a video camera. “He wants to film everything: his life, his favorite places and his new wonderful friends. But perhaps she will write down more than she expected,” the authors lure. There will be four friends in total. In addition to Swann, there will be “the rebellious and hot-tempered Nora, the thoughtful leader Autumn and the mysterious and determined Kat.

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Luc Bagadoust, producer of the Montreal team working on the game: he showedthat the game will be divided into two episodes. He did not specify when they would be released or whether they would arrive together. Either way, it’s safe to assume that the twenty-seven year time jump Don’t Nod talks about will happen in the game world between episodes.

Last but not least, the developers shared a screenshot straight from the game.

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage will be released later this year on PC, PS5 And Xbox series and will be the first part of a new series from the authors of games such as Life is Strange, Vampyr or Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

Source :Indian TV

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