Another themed sale has started on Steam

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Another thematic sale has started on the pages of the Steam digital store. In particular, we are talking about farmers festival. Fans of strategy games and simulators in which farming plays an important role will especially find their way.

For example, individual parts of the Farming Simulator series, the independent hit Stardew Valley or the positively reviewed strategy Pioneers of Pagonia are available at a better price. In addition to discounts on individual games, they are also part of the promotion. free demo version. The festival will last on Steam until May 6 (19:00).

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For example, the following games are in action:

  • Lords Manor for 30 euros
  • Pioneers of Pagonia for 25.49 euros
  • Lightyear Frontier for 20 euros.
  • Echoes of the Plum Grove for 19.60 euros.
  • Wandering village for 18.74 euros.
  • Clan for 18 euros
  • Echoes of the Plum Grove for 18 euros
  • Farm Manager World for 17.55 euros
  • Farming Simulator 22 for 14 euros
  • Farm together for 12 euros
  • Farmer’s life for 11.70 euros
  • Ranch simulator – build, farm, hunt for 10 euros
  • Stardew Valley for 9.23 euros.
  • Farming Simulator 19 for 7.19 euros
  • Clean farming 2018 for 2 euros

You can find the full offer of discounted games directly on Steam.

Source :Indian TV

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