Ambitious medieval strategy Manor Lords succeeds – INDIAN

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Greg Stychen can celebrate. This is a medieval strategy/simulation game. Lords of the Manor she is very successful. More than a million players bought it in early access on Steam. Others started building their village over the weekend thanks to subscriptions. Game pass.

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Over the weekend, 173,178 players played simultaneously on Steam. The number of units sold and player interest are expected to increase in the coming days. The author promises regular updates based on community feedback, including tuning, balancing and bug fixes.

Manor Lords should remain in early access for about a year. The Early Access version is fully playable and players really like it. User reviews are very positive (89% of 17,322 users rated the game positively). By the way, the title contains Czech localization in the form of text translated by Philip Jenishek. He was also responsible for the Czech language in Cyberpunk 2077.

Later the lords of the manor reach Xbox. A version for PlayStation consoles has not been confirmed. Only the publisher said he was thinking about it.

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Source :Indian TV

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