Free expansion for Polda 2 Remastered delayed, but Polda 5 coming to Steam soon – INDIAN

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We believe that fans of the Czech TV series Polda are looking forward to May 1st. Instead of the national holiday and the associated vacation, they are undoubtedly looking forward to the release of the free story expansion of the game. Cop 2 remaster, which will fill the plot gap between the second and third parts. If you just met, plan something else for Wednesday. Jakub Mareshchief graphic designer of the Polda 2 remake project, announced today via YouTube that there will be a delay.

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Addition called Polda 2.5 will be postponed for about a month, and Maresh claims in a new video that he himself is to blame for the delay, as he misplanned his work and misjudged how much time he would spend creating the individual backgrounds and animations we’ll see in the encore playback. Thus, the effort to achieve the desired quality takes more time, which also affects the work of the programmer. Peter Svobodaanother key author of the remaster and the entire Polda series.

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Source :Indian TV

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