Horizon: Forbidden West – this is what the game looks like on PC – INDIAN

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Finally the one Horizon: Forbidden West came out! Okay, no jokes this time. Open world RPG from Guerrilla games with Aloy at the helm was released two years ago on the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. A few years later, even I, a PC Master Race supporter, was finally able to see the full version of the game on computers.

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The PC version of Horizon: Forbidden West contains both the base game and last year’s Burning Shores expansion, released exclusively on PS5. The studio is responsible for the PC port. Nikxes, which has been directly under PlayStation control for several years now. You won’t have to worry about the same situation as last year with The Last of Us: Part I, which was ruined by the folks at Iron Galaxy. This port works great, but we’ll get to that later.

We need to start with the basics of what we expect from a proper PC version. First of all, it supports keyboard and mouse. I won’t hide the fact that I’m a puritan who wouldn’t want to touch a gamepad in my life if he didn’t have to. Especially with Horizon, this is doubly important for me due to the frequent and precise aiming. Of course, the PC version of the game still supports a controller if you prefer. And this too DualSense with all the necessary functions in the form of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. But I sat down at the keyboard and mouse.

From the very beginning, I was a little unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the location of several keys does not seem to be the most convenient. Besides the classics VSAD the left hand still has to serve question for healing E for interaction, Yes And X to view inventory, R to use the item, F to select weapons, IN for concentration and G for heavy attacks. I can also recommend assigning some mouse buttons. Despite this, most actions make sense, and the ability to aim smoothly and accurately improves my gaming experience greatly. Because on a controller with automatic aiming, I’ve never felt so much satisfaction from hitting the right part of the machine gun. I also disabled side jumping by double tapping the directional arrows because it sent me off cliffs a few times. After that I very rarely had control problems when working with transitions in boilers. There, Aloy would sometimes refuse to jump where she wanted, and I would have to find the right camera angle to get my intended jump to go in the right direction.

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