Existing DayZ owners get Livonia DLC for free while developers try out Escape from Tarkov – INDIAN

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From a setting point of view, this is synonymous with survival. DayZ from Bohemia Interactive, starting with the original professional mod Armu 2 Post-Soviet Chernarus. At the end of 2019, the paid DLC Livonia was released, expanding the game with a map of the same name, originally intended for the Contact expansion for Arma 3, but at least on the official Livonia servers it has been empty for a long time. time. However, the upcoming release may improve this situation. update 1.25, which will give all existing owners of the base game access to Livonia completely free of charge.on all platforms.

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More It’s unclear when patch 1.25 will be releasedEither way, if you’re interested in visiting Livonia in DayZ, you might want to think twice about purchasing the DLC. After the release of the update, the content of which is now partially available in the experimental version of the game, Livonia will no longer be available as additional content with a price tag of 13.99 euros. So Anyone who purchases DayZ in the future will automatically have access to both maps.. However, this change will also result in a slight increase in the price of the game. At the moment it is not clear what the increase will be, but the developers promise that there will be one. the new price will be better than buying the base game and the DLC bundle.which can now be purchased on Steam for 48.58 euros.

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Source :Indian TV

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