Thunderful is sold to major Scandinavian distributor Nordic Game Supply.

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From a Swedish publisher Thunderous one of its distribution companies stands out. Danish Nordic Game Supply (NGS) distributes games to more than 1,500 stores in Northern Europe and has been profitable for the last two years. The company of the current head of the NHS becomes the owner, the price has risen to $6.9 million.

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In addition to NGS, Thunderful also owns Swedish distributor Bergsala. Even the latter was not financially profitable for the parent company last year, but unlike NGS, it is closely dependent on Nintendo’s console distribution. With release Switch 2 Thunderful expects a significant increase in sales.

Despite last year’s release of relatively successful games Planet Lana And Viewfinder Gromovoy struggles to escape. This year he plans to lay off 20% of his staff and cut expenses by up to $11 million. He also already sold the studio Beware among others, behind the Bridge Constructor series.

Source :Indian TV

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