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Finally, thanks to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, we can all watch the series. Fall out. Despite various concerns, this is, on the contrary, not a problem. The collaboration between Amazon Studios, Kilter Films, and Bethesdy Game Studios has resulted in a well-written, well-acted, and conscientiously produced expansion of the post-apocalyptic Fallout into a new medium. And since the world of this series is similar to the rest of the series, it contains many elements that players and fans are familiar with. Therefore, it is quite difficult to choose what interested us most, but we will try anyway. Here are 8 things from the Fallout series that we were especially pleased with.

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But first we have to warn you about spoilers. Here we intend to deal with interesting things from all eight episodes and from the very end of the first season of the series.so unless you’ve ventured into the TV wilderness yourself, proceed at your own risk.

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Anyone who’s ever dabbled in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout is probably familiar with Nuka-Cola. This is, of course, the most famous drink associated with the entire series. If you played the cult Fallout: New Vegas, you may have different preferences.. In the game it is very easy to find not only different flavors of Yader-Cola, but also a soda called Sunset Sarsaparilla. At times, it may even seem to displace Yader-Cola in New Vegas and its surrounding areas. The appearance of this brand on the advertising banners of the entire series made us very happy. However, it makes sense. It may not be as recognizable, but let’s not forget that the series takes place around Los Angeles and California in general, which is not far from the famous gambling city. Main creator of the series Jonathan Nolan although he stated many times in interviews that he mostly drove slightly older cars Fallout 3, but the promotion for Sunset Sarsaparilla suggests that either he or someone else on the team also spent a fair amount of time in New Vegas. And this is far from the only hint.

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