Shorten the wait for Kingdom Come 2, Manor Lords strategy is out

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Today, Polish developer Greg Styczen, under the banner of his studio Slavic Magic, released the early access strategy building game Manor Lords, which was added to the wishlist on Steam by more than 3 million players ahead of its release. Along with the launch trailer embedded above, the price that publisher Hooded Horse set at 40 euros. However, until May 10, the game is available for 30 euros thanks to an introductory promotion. This was a price that the authors did not want to disclose for a long time due to protection from digital key resellers.

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It’s waiting for you in the game building your own medieval village and management of its population. But as a noble, you will also have to take care of economic and social aspects. Combat and changing weather are also an integral part of the experience. Manor Lords is available on PC through popular digital stores such as Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store. The developers from the Warhorse studio, who are currently finishing the anticipated RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2, also wished the game a successful start.

Source :Indian TV

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