Exclusive Stellar Blade for PlayStation released

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South Korean studio Shift Up today released the adventure game Stellar Blade, which became the most anticipated game of April according to a survey of our readers. Title with players on PlayStation received a positive receptionas evidenced, for example, by the rating of 82% on the aggregator Metacritic.

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Developers in addition to the trailer attached above they also released a day one patch, in which, in addition to partial fixes, the “New Game+” mode was added. The latter unlocks several new skills and a whole range of equipment, which should motivate players for a second playthrough. Stellar Blade is available exclusively on the PlayStation 5 console.

In our review you call rated 9/10 and the following verdict: “An extremely beautiful and well-thought-out game, with an excellent combat system, unforgettable bosses and locations, varied gameplay and an interesting sci-fi plot. At almost every step you will admire the talent and care of the creators. This is exactly how I imagine a “showcase of next-generation consoles” where it is appropriate to be surprised and applaud.” You can buy the boxed version of the game in the Alza.cz store.

Source :Indian TV

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