McConaughey will play a key role in Exodus

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Although this is a sci-fi RPG. Exodus There is no exact release date yet, studio developers Entertainment Archetype they are quite cooperative, especially when it comes to their own brand new world. After the December announcement, they explained the principle of traveling through the Exodus universe or confirmed that there would be romance in the game. BioWare veterans respond in new video James Olen And Chad Robertson to questions from players.

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Fans after the show Matthew McConaughey at The Game Awards, he wonders what role the Hollywood actor will play in the game. While the makers haven’t revealed anything about the character’s character, they have assured that it won’t be a cameo role. McConaughey is expected to be present from the very beginning of the epilogue, and there will be a big twist associated with his character.

Questions were also asked about life in space. Olen and Robertson confirmed that all life forms in their game’s universe originated from Earth. However, they have evolved over tens of thousands of years, so not only may human descendants be indistinguishable from us, but we will also encounter races that trace their origins to some land animals.

The developers have confirmed that, despite the slowdown of time while traveling in space, the main character will have a stable team with which to build relationships. The main character himself, as presented by the authors, is somewhat mysterious. When asked whether we will be able to play as an alien – that is, non-human – hero, the answer is “yes and no.”

Last but not least, Archetype leaders express enthusiasm for working with the writer. Peter F. Hamilton, who writes a book about the world of Exodus and also participated in the construction of the world. He is known for the science fiction series Night Dawn or Pandora’s Star.

Exodus heads to PC, PS5 And Xbox series. Already in 2022, experienced developers from A certain intimacy.

Source :Indian TV

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