The publisher of the anticipated strategy game Manor Lords refused to name the price ahead of release.

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Tomorrow, April 26, the medieval strategy Manor Lords, which has long held a leading position among the most anticipated games on Steam, will be released as part of early access. Despite the fact that the launch of the game is literally just around the corner, the authors have not yet revealed its price. People interested in purchasing understandably asked in discussions why the developers continue to hide the price tag of their game. Tim Bender, who holds this position, was quick to respond on Reddit Head of the publishing house “Horse with a Hood” is responsible for bringing the game to market.

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Bender cited incomparable prices in different regions as one of the reasons. Therefore, in his opinion, publishing the price only in dollars or euros may unnecessarily confuse some players who buy the game in other currencies. Another reason he named was the fight against Unfair practices of some digital stores, which will begin selling the game even before the official release. And this despite the fact that such a store does not have keys before release. If the publisher published the price before release, it would only make it easier for various resellers and gray shops to determine the price of the game themselves.

At the same time, the publisher’s representative assured the player that he had made a decision they don’t have to worry about exorbitant prices, which would be comparable to AAA production. Tomorrow, Manor Lords will enter Early Access on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and PC Game Pass. Console versions are not expected yet. More detailed information about the game itself will be given by our impressions of the game.

Source :Indian TV

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